It is a privilege to be in Asia working for Christ. He is not my employer, but I consider everything I do in the light of what He would have me do. So when HR gives me grief, or I have a boatload of marking to do, I think about His larger purpose, and am satisfied.

His larger purpose for now includes the two of us being in Malaysia, which in many ways is a hub for South-East Asia, the home of Pam’s present ministry. Yesterday she left for Cambodia where she will be for the entire week. Today she is manning a clinic located in Phnom Penh’s garbage dump. Then she will conduct a survey of the women’s health needs on this site over the next couple of days. For the rest of the week she has a series of meeting with some key individuals to work out a coordinated effort to reach these and similar women through health care evangelism.

Pam works selflessly on these and similar ministry assignments and she is ideally trained and qualified for this role, not just educationally, but personally, with a manner that is offensive to no one and an encouragement to many. It is my responsibility and privilege to support her while she undertakes this important ministry for the Lord. I would ask that you uphold her in prayer, for it is her desire to be a blessing.