I have a theory: the nicer your holiday, the harder your week will be when you return to work. Thanks to my mom and my sister, and the kindness of my extended family back in England that I hadn’t seen for four years, I had a really nice holiday. That explains my week back at work.

Pam was kind enough to invite a friend from Cambodia to stay with her for a week, and as a result has a very nasty bug that just won’t quit, and I have been jet-lagged, sick and exhausted all week. Of course a bad week in Malaysia is like an all-expenses paid cruise of the Caribbean: its not to hard to take at the worst of times.

All the same it is good to have that week behind me. This morning I actually woke up before the alarm (5.30am, thanks for asking. You?) and got my exercises in before I got up. Haven’t be able to do that all week, so I must be getting better. And it is the weekend, so I will be able to get caught up on a boat load of marking, so things are looking up. How’s your week been?