Going to the mall is very definitely a national pastime here and the malls are amazing.  Malls are open 365 days a year and are air conditioned, what’s not to like?  Our local mall includes a Lagoon Waterpark and two other theme parks as well as an ice rink.  There is even a local hockey league and several of the staff are key players.  As you can see by the picture, there is even a Wendy’s close at hand but sadly, no Tim Horton’s.

My birthday happened to coincide with a play-off game between two teams, each of which has one of our colleagues on the roster.  The group went out for supper at Tony Roma’s and then cheered for our favourite team.  Being teachers, of course we were assigned a team to cheer for and given banners to wave and there was much singing and cheering.  I am sure no one in that mall had ever heard the theme from Hockey Night in Canada before  and I am reasonably sure that they just thought we were all out of our minds.

Farshad and Les even treated the crowd to a post game, jersey removing “fight”.  It was good fun, with a great group of staff and hopefully Steve’s throat will heal before he goes to England this weekend.