Okay. Pam and I are new at this, and hosting a blog is going to take some getting used to. But we do want to stay in touch, and we are not too old to learn. So bear with us and forgive our mistakes as we attempt to navigate our way around this new domain.”


It has now been two years since we started this adventure in blogging and it has been great.  We have often been frustrated with our total lack of knowledge  of computers and the terminology involved in this world but we have learned many things.  We are very grateful to our son, Jon who has been a huge source of information and encouragement and has bailed us out more than once.

Thanks to our blog stats we know we have 213 posts on our site and we have had close to 23,000 hits: 378 on our busiest day.  Sadly, we have had only 388 comments so please, if you drop by, say Hi.  Don’t worry, your comments will not go directly to the site as all comments must be approved, and can be edited, by us before they are posted.

At this point it is a real joy to have this web journal to keep as a record of all we have experienced in these past two years.  I must admit though that we still do not  fully trust computers yet, so now  want to figure out how to print it in hard copy.

2 Responses to “Two Years On”

  1. Jason Says:

    All right, here’s comment #389 🙂

    I took a sip of coffee just as I was reading the last line, and nearly spewed it across my monitor! Sadly (to me, at least) you’re not alone in wanting to preserve these digital thoughts on (uh….perishable?) paper. Sorry, couldn’t let that one go – had to say something!

    Keep posting, it’s great to hear what you’re both up to in KL and elsewhere throughout Asia.

  2. Kim Banman Says:

    Hi Pam, Hi Steve;
    I can’t believe it’s been 2 years now. Wow. I also can’t believe the size of your grandchildren. How cute. I pray & think of you both often, and am just terrible at dropping a line … so here’s my line. Miss you both sooooo much. Hey, Kristen is in Bankok right now as I’m writing. She’s not sure where her travels will take her, but maybe she’ll visit you. I gave her your contact info, so that would be really neat if she gets your way. She seems to be really liking southeast asia. But really … what’s not to like? Miss you much, keep in touch;

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