mpoWhen he was 17 my brother Wyn worked in the Columbia record warehouse out by what was then Malton airport. As a perk he got to buy albums incredibly cheap. As Columbia was top dog in those days, he came home with some sweet vinyl.

For my 16th birthday he gave me a copy of Moira Lympany playing Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto #2. I had been a fan of Tchaikovski’s for many years, but this was my first introduction to his protege and successor. It became my instant favourite, and has remained so to this day.

Tomorrow the MPO is playing this, and two other pieces, one by Lizst, and one by Dvorak. I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to this. The MPO play in Petronas Towers in an absolutely gorgeous concert hall with great acoustics. Pam will be back from her conference in Thailand tonight, and tomorrow we will head off with friends Gary and Kveta for what promises to be a very enjoyable afternoon. Xarošego Dnja!