trans_world_radio“Trans World Radio (TWR) is the most far-reaching Christian radio network in the world. Programs in over 225 languages and dialects are aired from more than 2,000 outlets, including 14 international broadcasting locations, as well as local AM, shortwave, long wave and FM radio stations, direct-to-listener satellite broadcasts, cable audio systems and the Internet. Every day, TWR’s broadcasts reach millions in over 160 countries.”  see

It was fifty five years ago this month that Dr Paul Freed began broadcasting Christian radio from Morroco using an army surplus transmitter.  In 1960, TWR Monte Carlo began shortwave transmssions into Europe, the Middle East and Russia from a facility that was originally built by Hitler to broadcast Nazi propaganda.  Just four years later, from the island of Bonaire the message went out ot South America, Central America and the Caribbean.  By 1974, the Middle East and North Africa was being reached from sites in Central Asia and Swaziland. 

With the beginning of shortwave transmissions, in 1977, from the island of Guam which could reach China, Southeast Asia and the eastern Soviet Union, TWR had the potential to reach half of the world’s population. Growth continued with new transmissions reaching  approximately 11 million people in South America and via  shortwave programs from Siberia in 13 languages spoken in North India, Bhutan, Nepal and Tibet.  In 1996 broadcasts began from Central Asia to 60 of the world’s least evangelized groups in Central Asiaand the Middle East.  The goal  of 200 languages and dialects into 160 countries was reached in 2005 but growth continues with the latest being broadcasts form Benin into West Africa.

We have prayerfully followed and supported the ministry of TWR since our Pastor, mentor and friend Dr Carl Seyffert, became the Canadian Director of TWR and invited us to join him as lay representatives in 1983.  It is a real joy and privilege to be here in Asia and to have even a small part in this work.