Situated just 30 kms off the coast of northwest Malaysia, between the Andaman Sea and the Strait of Malacca, Langkawi consists of 104 islands most of which are uninhabited. The main island is peaceful and relaxed and nowhere near as crowded as similar places in Thailand.

The shores of the islands are fringed by wide beaches of white, fine grained sand and are perfect for strolling, swimming or lapping up the sun.  Although this is the high season for tourism, the island was very quiet and the beaches almost deserted.


Although we had just a three day weekend, it was beautiful and wonderfully refreshing.  We would however, caution you that if you every get to Langkawi, you do not want to stay at the Langkasuka Beach Resort.  It is definitely not as advertised on the internet! A lovely resort at one time, it has badly suffered from the all too common malaise: a lack of maintenance. But we rented a car and scoped out some great looking places for a return visit to this beautiful island.