I never take my camera to school (which is one of the reasons that I don’t do a lot of posting on the kids I teach) because it is not safe to do so. Transparancy International recently conducted a survey in the world’s capital cities by leaving a cell phone in a public place and timing how long it took for somone to swipe it. They also left information in the phone so that whoever took it could return it. I forget who came in first (I think it was Helsinki) but I do know who came in last: Kuala Lumpur. Phones were swiped the fastest and returned the least right here where we live.
You know where this is going, don’t you? Last week I took the camera to work. I thought that I really should start to blog a bit more about what I do all day. I thought I had put the camera in my backpack, but when I got home I discovered it wasn’t there. I caught a cab and raced back to work, but by then it was gone. I felt like a fool, because I definitely do know better by now.

But here’s the upside. Tonight we bought its replacement: a Canon Sure Shot just like its predecessor. Like the one it replaces it has a 4X optical zoom, but it is about half the weight with twice the size of screen and fits easily into my phone pouch that I wear all the time now. Much nicer to handle, much harder to lose.

Now here’s the nice part about being in Asia. Three years ago I bought the Canon 620 for about 500 bucks. Today I bought the Canon 1000 for about 200 bucks. That included batteries, a case and a 2 gig card. We got personalized attention from a courteous and knowledgeable saleswoman and I feel much better, thank you!