This is the time of year when our emails are full of sweet and sometimes inspiring messages from friends and acquaintances who wish us well by sending us a story about some kind deed done somewhere that has had an effect on someone. As well-intentioned as these stories are, there is an impersonal element to them. The events didn’t happen to us, or to someone that we know, and although the story is touching, we can be forgiven for wondering to what extent it has been embellished. The story sounds a little too polished in the telling.

Here is a story, told by our son Jon, that has not been embellished or polished in the least. It is not about someone who later became famous, nor is it important that you send it on to ten friends. It comes with no promise of future blessing, but we think you will be encouraged to read it. And perhaps, if you go and do likewise, you likewise will be blessed.

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