Steve has a wheat allergy. It’s not crippling, but it is inconvenient. Think of all the things that are made of wheat: bread, crackers, pizza, pasta, bagels, donuts, cake. Just a few things, right? Have a look at the box of cereal in your cupboard, or check out a few next time you are in Loblaws. How many of them don’t have wheat in them. Let me save you the trouble, there is only one, Rice Krispies that does not have wheat. And yes, they do get a little boring.

Here in the East it is particularly inconvenient as roti canai is practically the national dish. That would be bread (wheat) and an assortment of veggies for dipping. How delightful it was then, on our recent trip to Singapore to discover dosa (or thosai), a combination of rice and chickpea flour. For about 2 bucks Canadian you can get enough dosa and dhal to satisfy the most ravenous appetite. Pam likes hers stuffed with potato and cauliflower with a masala sauce. We both like to find out of the way food stalls with an authentic ambience. Throw in some freshly squeezed limes or mangoes to drink and you’ve got yourself a feast. Eat your heart out McDonald’s, fast food never tasted this good back home!