Gosh this is an exhausting job! Lately I have been marking some four hours a day, on top of lesson prep and teaching. That comes to roughly 12 hours a day, and that has been going on for about a month. On top of that I have not been entirely well the last little while, and I just hate being poorly: it saps my strength and darkens my mood.

To make matters worse, my darling wife is off on her travels again, this time to Singapore; which is why you are getting this endless series of blogs from me. What else I am I to do with all my spare time! However, today was my last teaching day for the year, and it will be a warm day in January before I have to do it again.

That said, today was bittersweet. The kids that I teach are just so dear, so kind, it can bring bring tears to this calloused old heart. They all want their picture taken with you because they all want to remember the impact you had on them. They give you flowers and cake and cards and shower you with affection and praise. It can be quite overwhelming. Nor am I alone. All the ex-pat teachers here are treated in the same way. Asian kids are just so appreciative of all that you do for them, it makes all the long hours of marking and preparation more than worthwhile.

I have no pictures to post for you, as our camera is in Singapore. The good news is that I will be there myself tomorrow as both Pam and I will be attending the wedding of one of my colleagues in Singapore this weekend. There likely wont be a post for a few days, so email or call us if you want to get in touch and have a joyful weekend.