We visited several Women’s Literacy Projects that have been established by TWR staff and volunteers.  There was just no way to prepare ourselves for the shock of seeing these Nepali women so excited about learning under the most appalling of circumstances.

One women has opened a small area in her home and teaches everyday using a six month curriculum.  At the end of the six months, the women are able to read and write as well as do basic math.


As we approached this home, I thought it looked pretty tiny to be a Literacy Center but was shocked to see that in fact the classes are held in just one end of it.  Twenty-four women are enrolled in this session, and did I mention that it was about 32 degrees that day.5311

As it turned out, that was actually a fairly clean and comfortable learning situation,  The next one we visited was in a “barn”, too low to stand up straight in, with the goats moved to one end to create space for the women to sit on the floor.

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Here is what one women wrote about the opportunity to learn to read and write:

“Now, I am altogether different mama. I am proud of myself in society and community. Now, I can read newspaper and I can read the Holy Scriptures. I can sign by myself. I am the happiest mama now because I will not have to suffer any more due to the illiteracy.”