The churches that we visited were small and their buildings unimpressive but their vision certainly was not.  It was exciting to see the variety of outreach strategies that these churches are using to reach their community and the surrounding villages.


We were in Nepal during the festive season, in the week running up to Deepavali which is the major celebration for the Hindu worshippers.  One church used this oppportunity to run a week long overnight camp for village children to give them a break from some of the issues caused by the extensive use of alcohol, which is an inevitable part of every celebration.


One of the highlights of the trip for me was to meet and have tea in the home of a great man of God.  Although he long ago lost most of his hands and feet to the effects of leprosy, this in no way has limited his effectiveness in ministry.  In fact he is currently pastoring three churches.311

Although we were able to give him a radio, I am sure that he will shortly be giving it away to a new group of people waiting to hear the broadcasts.