Youth with a Passion

As we drove through the countryside we would often see very small buildings, identified as churches by a cross on the front. We were able to visit a number of these churches to see their work and to give a radio to some members of the congregation who had already established an outreach.

We met a lovely group of young people, some who had come as far as 45 kms, by bike.  They were anxious to show us their work through a drama presentation in which they distributed, not tracts, but radio program guides, giving us some insights into the strategies for reaching an oral society.

One young lady took us out to visit some “club houses” which are new, small groups of people who gather together around a single radio and form the beginnings of a learning community and a new church.  It was exciting but humbling to see these seeds planted, marked by a sign in a tree, identifying TWR and radio broadcasting as the avenue.




I have to admit that I wanted to give a radio to anyone that expressed an interest as it seems such a small thing to me.  In reality, radios are just such a valuable commodity that no one recieved one unless they had already proven that they had a goal for its use, listened to a presentation on the mission and values of TWR and signed a statement saying that it would be used only for the work.