The TWR Nepal team is small and although the broadcast areas cover most of the country, their scarce resources severely limit the extent of available programming.  “The Word Today” is a 15 minute progam that is broadcast twice per week in many areas on local stations, usually between 6-8 in the morning and the evening.  A locally produced program is also available once per week in some areas and Women of Hope has been on the air for only a few weeks in Katmandu and Butwal only.  I have to admit that I really wondered how much impact this small amount of airtime could have on the country.  Everywhere we went we saw evidence of joy and peace in the lives of listeners.

Generations of Families Changed

One of the first stops we made was to visit a home in which three generations have been listening for a number of years.  There we met a young girl who was eager to tell us about the joy her families has recieved from the broadcasts.  She was delighted to write down her story so the we could share it with others on our return to Singapore.

Believers Reaching Out to Others

In a small town we were greeted by members of a church which had formed around the radio ministry.They were so happy to have us there that they did a little impromptu service, sharing some of their music with us.  This is the full size of their church building, and it was hot, but they were rejoicing in God’s provision. 



This church is reaching out to their community through a program to teach sewing skills to women so that they are able to earn some money to support their families.




I found a special friend in this lovely little lady.  I think she felt she could relate to me because we were in the same age bracket.



From here we went to visit an orphanage that was established by a young couple with a burden for children.  We were able to give them a couple of radios for the children’s dorms.



 Congregations Growing

After a quick visit to a rapidly growing church, we went out into the counryside to visit some of their members. We visited this home of this elderly couple and I stupidly asked how they got to church for services. Of course, they walk three hours to attend the church, in spite of the fact that he is partially paralyzed.