The agenda for the conference was very full and we worried that it would prove to be overwhelming, especially for those who really struggle to comprehend English, so we built in some fun stuff as well.

The retreat center was pretty basic but the fact that the accommodations are set up as three bedroom apartments gave us the opportunity to congregate in the various “livingrooms” for some great conversations. 

Food was plentiful and meal times were great for getting to know new friends, sharing ministries and even for individual consultations with Phil and the other speakers.



On Tuesday evening we all went out to dinner with some of the TWR staff from other departments.  Thursday evening we booked a bus for a trip to a restaurant called “Hooked on Heads” which specializes in fish head delicacies (not my favourite) and then a relaxing evening at the Singapore Night Safari.



For some of the younger ladies, this was their first trip outside of their own countries and some had never seen a building higher than eight storeys.  Wednesday evening, two of us, along with six ladies did a quick tour of some of the sights of downtown Singapore.  The highlight for me was taking the girls to the observation area on the 70th floor of the Stamford Hotel.  Once they recovered from the terror of the elevator, they were mesmerized by the view of what is truly a beautiful city.  We, of course, saw the Merlion, Raffles, the Fullerton and Clarke’s Quay before heading back to crash at about midnight.