Almost three weeks without computer access is almost more than I can bear!  I am in the Katmandu Airport awaiting my flight back to Singapore.  One quick night there and I catch a morning bus to KL.  These last few weeks have been amazing and will take me a few days to even digest.  For now I am just happy to see pics of my grandkids and read some emails from home.

Nepal is an incredible country and we were able to visit places never intended for tourists – at least upstanding tourists.  I spent time in brothels and prisons as well as churches and clubhouses and homes of some of the most amazing people.  It was an awesome privilege.

I even got to watch the sun rise over the Himalayas, drive over near impassable mountain roads and trek up some “small” mountains.  I also slept in some places that I never intended to sleep in my life and we won’t even talk about the washrooms.  Looking forward to a bed that is more than a thin pad on boards.