Pam left for Cambodia on September 1, shortly after we got back from Laos and Thailand. With the exception of a week together preparing for her conference in Singapore, she has been gone ever since. It is Tuesday evening here in KL and a week from today, on October 22, my sweetie gets back from Nepal. It has been another long stretch.

We knew before we came here that her ministry would mean long stetches away. We were prepared for it, and at our age it is certainly manageable. I iron, clean and cook with the best of them, and the work load, even with all the prep and marking I do, is manageable.

But you don’t marry because you are not able to look after yourself. You marry because you have found someone that in some way that only the heart truly understands, completes you. To be separated from that one is hard, regardless of how well you manage the details.

I know Pam cannot read this where she is. It has been hard enough just establishing a text message connection for a brief “I’m okay.” But whereever you are sweetie, whatever you are doing, I love you and miss you, and wish you Godspeed.