Pam’s conference is over, and from the brief conversation I had with her it went extremely well. All the women who had registered were able to get their visas and the conference was a great encouragement to them. Just to be among others who were engaged in a similar ministry of outreach was affirming and positive. The speaker was excellent, and Pam’s efforts with organization were appreciated.

Now it is on to Nepal with a much smaller group to see first hand the work of Trans World Radio in some of the most remote parts of the world. They arrived in Kathmandu around 3 in the morning, EST and by now should have arrived in Butwal, which will be their base for the coming week. Flying into Kathmandu from the south in an amazing experience as the green tree-covered hills look absolutely tortured from tectonic uplift. I know because we all took that flight on our way home from Bangladesh. But flying through the inland plain with a view of the majestic Himalayas must have been an awesome sight.

Please continue to pray for Pam’s safety and her growing understanding of the spiritual and medical needs of the women she feels called to reach. This is an enormous work she has undertaken, and only God can divinely superintend its outcome, and give her the strength and wisdom she needs to be an effective minister for the Lord.