You can not live with someone as long as Pam and I have without sharing some fundamental pleasures in life. Kids, yes. God, yep, Him too. Love for travel; we both have that in spades. But there are many other things as well that we both enjoy doing, and one of them is looking at the beauty of God’s created world.

We had the great privilege of visiting the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore last week, and it was just amazing. There are over 9,000 birds in this park, many of them flying freely around large netted enclosures that cover about 50 acres of property in western Singapore.

This is Pam clearly enjoying feeding a pair of parakeets which were dazzling in their variety. We also saw larger parrots and macaws and hundreds of other species, including Malaysia’s famous hornbills. There were flamingos in every shade of pink (apparently that is from their diet) and penguins, both standing and swimming.

It was kid’s day at the park, but like everything Singaporean there were no line ups, bratty kids or litter. We spent the entire day, and it was well worth the visit.