It is hard to think of such things in Malaysia, where the school term has been underway for two months (and will be over in three) but back in Ontario it is time to go back to school. I wish all of my former colleagues well as they hit the books and the classrooms.

I used to love the summer holidays, the lengthy lazy days, especially when we had young kids in the house. The summers are great for the beach and the cottage and lots of time to get projects underway. I think now that I prefer the shorter and more frequent breaks. We just got back from Laos and now it is only three weeks to our next week off.

Pam has a conference in Singapore the first week in October, so we are planning on using my next week of holidays to make final preparations. A week in Singapore isn’t such a bad deal under any circumstances, and it gives me a chance to be more directly involved in Pam’s ministry. Pam’s off this week to Cambodia on a ministry trip, so please keep her in your prayers.