CNN and MSNBC are our friends, right? Are you sure? CNN and MSNBC have an agenda, but I don’t think it’s friendly to you and me.  Take what is happening in Georgia right now as an example. What do you know of that situation? Russia is being a bully, right? Throwing their weight around, trying to re-establish their empire, becoming the enemy, threatening world peace, right?

How do you know that? CNN and MSNBC told you. They tell you in practically every article they produce. It is all about this family being evicted or that reporter being threatened or this agreement being broken or that bridge being blown up. By now you’ve got the picture. But do you? Turn off the tv and do a little investigative research on the internet and another view will emerge.

Do you remember Gorbachov? Reagan got all the credit for getting the Berlin wall torn down, but it was Gorbachov who did it. Remember peristroika, remember the openness in Russia to the West? What happened to that, where did it go? Why is the Cold War still being fought on Russia’s borders 20 years later, whose purpose does that serve?

War might very well be over in Iraq shortly. Then what happens to that awesome war machine, and all those who profit from it? What happens if a Dove gets in the White House, and reins in that military budget? Why are questions being raised anew about Obama’s military credentials if things heat up in the Caucasus’ republics and to whose advantage is it to make sure things there do heat up?  Are you sure that it is Russia causing trouble on its borders, or are others causing trouble for Russia? Who gets elected if trouble continues, and who are his masters? But the world is how we see it back in North America, right? Do you want to bet your future on it?