Malaysia has its problems, to be sure. A quick look through the most recent pages of Asia Sentinel, a Hong Kong based paper affliated with the International Herald Tribune will be enough to convince you of that. ( ) Some of those issues we have presented on this blog over the last year and a bit.

But we would be churlish not to appreciate the beauty of this country and the hospitality of its people. For the moment Malaysia provides us with a nice home and a decent standard of living. KL is a travel hub for Air Asia, the region’s most affordable and efficient airline, and transportation to Pam’s principal places of ministry, Cambodia and Singapore is much easier here than anywhere else in the region.

And unlike Burma and even Thailand at the moment, Malaysia – albeit reluctantly – seems to be moving towards a two party democracy without violence. So Happy Merdeka (Independence) Day to our adopted home, and may this be a peaceful and productive year for all.