Kuala Lumpur is a city designed for shoppers!  The malls are massive and beautiful, open virtually everyday of the year and always crowded.  Sunway Pyramid is our local mall, as seen from our pool deck in the picture, and it comes complete with a Skating Rink, a Lagoon waterpark and three theme parks.

We have been perplexed as we watched the sales promotions throughout the year.  When the “Spring Sales” arrived the malls were decorated with trees in bloom, umbrellas and spring flowers.  Lately we were attempting to find some light weight pants but when we asked the sales clerk he was quite shocked.  He informed us that we would need to wait for the summer clothing to come in before we would find light clothing.

In the sixteen months we have lived here, we have rarely seen the daytime highs at less than 32 degrees, with lows consistently around 26 degrees.  We finally asked the question, “How do you know that it is winter?”  The very helpful young man said he had no idea but they always use the same promotional themes as America so he thought it had something to do with their culture. 

 I guess our heavy pants will need to do for now because I m certainly not buying corduroy or knitted sweaters but I hope summer comes around again soon.