Living life without a car certainly has it’s merits, mainly financial, and we really don’t miss it terribly.  However there is one major downside and that is the fact that we have not seen very much of the incredibly beautiful Malaysian countryside.  You can rent cars here very inexpensively and very conveniently, as they deliver it to your door.

On Saturday we, along with our friends Gary and Kveta did a great day trip to Fraser’s Hill (actually seven hills) which is just about 100 Kms outside of the city.   The hill station is 1500 feet up in the Titwangsa mountain range and was built to provide a place of retreat away from the heat and humidity of KL.  It is named after a British pioneer who came in search of gold but found large tin deposits instead.

Today it is a sleepy little settlement that has streets and rockery planted with lovely flowers and a network of nature trails and jungle walks that can be done in the relative coolness of the mountains.  We were able to see plenty of wild life, ferns and flowers in the forest and even saw (and heard) four massive hornbills take flight.