The Brownings, both Robert and Elizabeth, spent many years abroad, and their thoughts were far more poetic and insightful than mine. But while I share none of their artistry, I do share their longing for the warmth and happiness that the concept of “home” conveys.

These days I am not certain where home is. I just spent two weeks in Canada, but I live 50 weeks of the year in Malaysia. My children are in Canada, but my wife and most of my life is in Malaysia. I not sure that I am suffering jet-lag so much as I am suffering heart-lag from bouncing around so much emotionally. It is disorienting and debilitating.

I’m sure our children are going through the same thing. Dave and Liz live in Calgary, but many of their friends and most of their family is in London. Jon and Nic are now in Waterloo, but many of their friends are in the States and none of Jon’s immediate natal family is around.

But when we are together, as we were a weekend ago in London, it is a wonderful thing that just fills my heart with happiness. Watching my “children” splash around in the pool at Al and Shelley’s place was worth the dozens of hours in cramped airplanes just to get “home.” Which goes to prove that the heart knows better than the head where home is.