I am very grateful for the opportunity to be available to help Jon and Nic in even small ways.  The fact that we are not able to be involved in the day to day lives of our children is without a doubt the most difficult aspect of being in Malaysia.

Jon and Nic are down in the states celebrating the launch of his project  with a company sponsored trip to Six Flags.  The timing also coincided with Abi’s need for a “well baby” check-up and that along with the chance to spend time with friends, made the trip down very useful.

So Ben and I have from Wednesday to Saturday to get to know each other and to explore Waterloo and area.  Ben is very easy going, plays and sleeps hard and loves to shop so we are having a great time.  Even found him some new shoes that he can run in and they fit his cubby little feet- but his dad will hate them.