I have to admit that I am feeling a little chilly!  However, that is all about the change of climate.

I have filled this last ten days with wonderful times with many friends that I have missed so much.  Al and Shelley have made me so welcome and comfortable in their beautiful home.  It is great to be back at West London Alliance for a couple of services and catch up with folks there, even attending a wedding shower for our friends, Ted and Linda’s daughter, Lauren.  A group of women can do a lot of chatting in a few fours at a shower.

Early morning Ladies Prayer  with Deb, Megan and Kim has been a most important and stabilizing factor in my life for a number of years and I felt so happy to be back.  Cyndi and Sheldon’s cell group graciously invited me to join them and I felt so at home with all of them again.

It has taken a couple of morning coffees with Kim – the only person I know who uses a thermometer to make coffee- to even begin to get caught up.  We will have to keep working on that.

Dropped by to chat with Mag at CPRI and I’m looking forward to more time with some friends from there next week.  Hanging out in Chris’s kitchen with her cats is always a good way to put things in perspective. Nice visit with Don and Maria but we will really need to go dancing with them before I feel at home. 

Even got to meet Milan, Sara and Mateo who are new friends but a joy to spend time with.

Still many people to find time to visit but I have made a good start.