We are so thankful to live in this period in history when technology has made the world so accessible. 

The flight from Hong Kong was a little gruelling with many long hours trapped in a tiny, uncomfortable seat.  In order to move I had to ask two little, old Chinese folk, with some rather disgusting personal habits, to move.  Just to get to a standing position was no small feat for them and it  involved them repacking several bags of food and old clothing that they were carrying with them,  Clearly they were planning on Canada being very cold and short on food supplies.  They were able to augment their food supplies considerably, compliments of the airline, Fortunately for me, they did have to get up once for the bathroom and I also jumped at the chance.

On the plus side, I saw three movies, two epidodes of My Name is Earl and even got an hour or so of sleep.  Made my connection to London with no problem, Syl was at the airport  to meet me and were home at their place by 9:30.  Dad did shuffle out for a hug but he is very sick and it was shocking to see him looking so poorly.  Finally hit the bed at about 11:00 to spend the next seven hours staring at the ceiling,

Up early to settle dad for the day and headed out on a marathon day.  Picked up tons of mail from the mailing service, purchased a cell phone and had coffee with a couple of friends before heading off to Waterloo to pick up our vehicle.  I am so grateful for our friend Cyndi, who so graciously drove me down and then waited with me for several hours while the dealership resubmitted and the paperwork for yet another credit check, the change of ownership and insurance, this time in my name as originally requested.  It was almost funny because I practically had enough cash in my purse to pay out the lease on the spot but with my limited income, since Steve’s income could not be considered in the equation without his original signature, it wasn’t looking too promising for a while there.

Went skidding into the License Bureau ten minutes before closing and finalized the transfer of ownership and bought new plates.  Back for another hour at the dealership to complete the paperwork and install the plates.  We assumed the lease from a very lovely couple of about our age who were so helpful and waited out the process with me, drove me to get the new plates and saw me safely on my way back home.

By the time I retrieved my suitcases from my brother’s, checked in again on dad and made my way into my beautiful new temporary home (thanks to yet another set of wonderful friends, Al and Shelley) it was 8:30 and I was exhausted and wide awake and raring to go again.  Gave me a chance to unpack, dig out some sweaters from our boxes stored in their basement and get caught up on email.  The memory foam mattress felt great when I finally hit it at 10:30,  Five day forecast for Calgary is promising snow on the weekend and that might be nice!