Ok, so now we are coming back from Nihiwatu! A short week, but really amazing. We are parked in one of those marvels of the modern age: the internet cafe, searching vainly for news of our new grandchild. (Notice the absence of the gender-specific). This particular internet cafe is in Bali, which is why you are not going to get much of a post from here. There’s too much to do and see and little time to explore.

We will get you caught up on our fantastic week when we get back to KL. But we will tell that the waves are indeed something that you do not want to take lightly: they are awesome and very powerful and we are fortunate that all we lost was a hat. Three surfboards were snapped in half this week by the power of the surf. But they are also irresistably compelling, and we did have our own adventures, to be sure.

 That’s all for now. Think baby, and maybe it will happen!