Plagiarism is a huge problem in Asia, and largely winked at in a culture that is set on getting ahead at all costs. Basically my students all plagiarize all the time. When they are caught they want to know why I am persecuting them for doing something that everyone in the country does.

My view is that plagiarism is a natural consequence of an education system that stresses rote learning and adherance to a fixed set of answers above individuality. I have been testing a software product called TurnItIn that detects plagiarism and my role today was to present a report to my colleagues.

I and Bill MacNamara, a colleague, have been pushing for Taylor’s to purchase a site licence since we got here. I was a little nervous about selling this largely unknown package, and greatly relieved to discover from the presenter before me that the school had just committed to its purchase. That turned my sales pitch into more of a seminar about its use, something I am much more comfortable with.

Despite having less than 10 minutes to work with, the presentation went well, and I garnered some much needed positive feedback for my skills. Imagine me being at the forefront of introducing software? Will wonders never cease!