It’s Monday I am off again, this time to Chiang Mai, Thailand.  During our last visit to Cambodia I learned of an organization that utilizes a strategy called Community Health Evangelism that seeks to address all the needs of individuals: physical, spiritual, emotional and social.  They train local villagers and then these villagers put this knowledge into practice in their own lives and share it with neighbouring families.

CHE’s are trained in disease prevention, simple treatment protocols and how to recognized more serious issues that require medical assistance.  They teach people about growing crops to meet the famlies’ nutrional needs, sanitation and water purification practices and spiritual principles that have a direct impact on physical health.

I will be attending a five day Training the Trainer Workshop to learn more about the concepts of this program: how to gather information to assess needs and resources of target communities and how to plan a successful CHE program.  This concept is in use in 54 countries and has been effectively integrated with radio programming in PNG so I am very excited about this opportunity to see if it can work with Trans World Radio as well.