We are in Cambodia this week. It is Chinese New Year, which means a week off for Steve and the opportunity to further develop our ministry in Phnom Penh. Pam is meeting with colleagues from Trans World Radio here and contacting hospitals and health care workers that can assist in her outreach project. Steve is teaching English and Bible and developing his own contacts among education workers.

Both of us having a growing sense that although Steve’s job in Malaysia might have got us to this part of the world, the Lord intends something more for us down the road, and that it is likely to be in Cambodia. The needs here are so great and the opportunities for the Lord are wide open. The people are desperate for both health care and education. We are letting the Lord speak to us about our role and place in meeting that need.

We have no intention of making a hasty decision about this. Steve has committed himself to work for Taylor’s this coming year and Malaysia has much to offer in terms of support and access to ministry. Any future ministry in Cambodia would have to be thoroughly thought out. But we would have to have hearts of stone not to be touched by the needs here. We are willing to let our hearts be led by God, wherever that takes us and are looking to see what doors He will open. We would appreciate your prayers.