Happy Birthday Dad, Grand Pa, Great Grand Pa (Uncle Joe to some of our readers).  We love you!grear-granpa-christmas.jpg 

My Dad is the sweetest man on earth and at 83 still gets great joy out of life, his family and his painting and projects around the house.  He is always delighted to be on the sidelines, cheering on his grand children in whatever activity they are involved.  He has been a constant source of support and encouragement to me all my life and to Steve and I throughout our marriage.  He has provided a consistent godly example to us all and I never once saw him place his own needs above those of his family. 

Dad did not have an easy start. He was one of about 100,000 child immigrants called “Home Children” who were sent to Canada from Great Britain in the hopes that they would have a better chance at a healthy life in rural Canada.   After a number of years with the McRae family in a small town near Cornwall and some time out west, he headed to Toronto where he met Mom.  Dad and Mom were both saved in Toronto when they were teenagers and married young.  Working two jobs for much of his life while supporting seven children wasn’t easy in the rural areas around London, but Dad never faltered in his faith or tired of offering hospitality to whoever the Lord sent their way. 

When Mom became ill he nursed her tenderly and faithfully for years, earning a reputation in Mom’s nursing homes for his compassion, thoughtfulness to others, and his resilience. If there are better examples of what courage and kindness it takes to be a true follower of Christ, I’ve yet to meet them. We love you Dad, and wish you all the best on this special day.