We’ve always been pretty good at planning. It takes time and a willingness to listen to what the other is trying to say. I’ve always thought better in conversation than I do in isolation, so talking is pretty important to me.

It took about twenty years of planning to get back to Asia. The last three years have been more about timing – the when, not the what. We both always knew that we would come back. Bangladesh had affected us that deeply. We also knew that the door was closing pretty rapidly. It is not easy to get a job overseas once you reach the age of sixty.

So now that we are here its all about managing our health so we can stay for a bit. We are both looking at the calendar with one eye and our vital signs with the other. The good news is that Malaysia is a pretty good place to live (provided you don’t drive!) and with the pool at our condo and the walking we both do it is pretty easy to stay fit. The bad news is that at our age it just takes one bad fall and we’re in big trouble.

I’m encouraged by the fact that my Mom is nearing 89 and Pam’s Dad 83 and both still have all their faculties – somewhat gently used, it’s true. My sister at sixty plus was looking after her granddaughter just this month while her daughter was having her second child, and my brother at just past sixty is considering going back to university to get his Ph.D! Good for all of them! I hope we can do as well when we get there in the not-too-distant future.