If you live long enough, every good thing comes around again. When we were young and having kids all our friends were having kids. It was kid city at our church, at work, in our neighbourhood; kids popping out everywhere! Okay, I understand it only seems easy to our gender. But regardless of who did the work, they were fun days. But now we are old enough that our kids are having kids and it is even more fun (more joy, fewer sleepless nights).

verity-and-jack.jpg baby-joe.jpg

Case in point: my nephew Jack. Isn’t he a charmer! He is my older sister Rosey’s older son Colin’s child. His wife Verity had a bit of a rough time with his birth and the little gaffer had to stay an extra week in hospital recovering. But he’s home now and growing well; a happy, healthy little boy.

Then there is Joe, or Joseph, if you please, my sister Rosey’s daughter Claire’s second child, born just this last week. Notice that already he’s got more hair than I do! He was kind of in a hurry to be born and Mom Claire and Dad Phil barely made it to the hospital in time. Grandma Chappell stayed home to look after Megan, who is a very active one and half year old.

Of course then there is Abigail, our son Jon and his wife Nicole’s second child, due in March, a sister for their first-born, Benjamin. I tell you, babies just a-popping out everywhere! Our only trick now is how we are going to arrange our travel plans so that we can see all these babies while they are still willing to be cuddled!