Pam told me that Cambodia would be amazing. She was right. She told me that I would fall in love with the place, and she was right about that as well.  But for now we live in Malaysia, and KL is home, and it was actually nice to get back here to our little condo by the lake and be able to unpack.

Last night we went to a Christmas party hosted by our friends Bill and Kim. There is a new couple starting at the school in January, Gary and Kveta, and we spent some time getting to know them a bit. They have been on the International School circuit for a while and have taught in England, Germany and most recently Papua New Guinea. Garry is an avid chess player, so it looks as if I will finally have some one around here to play against. I also had a interesting conversation with an English professor about the evolution of our language and the part played by the Germans and Nordic peoples in its development.

Now we are eager to get caught up on our email and news from Canada. Give us a “hi” if you haven’t recently. Thanks to those who been in touch. Christmas is going to seem a little weird this year and your notes, cards and gifts are very much appreciated. We are going to post our pictures soon, as we promised.