rogerscable.jpg   I would start this post with “Rogers Cable, we hate you,” but then I would sound like my son, and we would both hate that even more. So when we got the message that the Banmans were no longer supporting our Rogers email, I just sighed and said “Figures,” and knew immediately where the problem lay. 

Kim and Larry, who if you haven’t met are just wonderful people, did their level best to ensure that our email service would not be disrupted by their move to Delaware. They maintain our email address under their service while we are out of the country. They had every assurance from Rogers that what has just happened would not happen. But neither of us believe anything that Rogers says, and our cynicism, it seems, was well founded.

So until Larry can get this sorted out, please reroute your emails to us through or both of which are currently active. Those links and our weblog are both maintained by Jon, our son. We are just hoping that he is not planning on moving his wee family in the immediate future or we will be really up the creek.

Love to all. Keep us in your prayers.