It is good to be home again and to have time to digest all that I experienced in this past week.  I know for sure that the task we are looking at is huge but the people of Cambodia are so amazing that I am excited about the prospect of working together with them.  We spent many hours bouncing around in a van, talking with listeners, seeing what others are doing in that country and exploring ways to present information through radio programs.


The country is a real mix of crowded city streets and wide expanses of rice paddies but everywhere, life happens out of doors, either on the streets or under houses built on stilts.  People are very poor but are very industrious and are able to set up a business with very little resources.  If you have wheels of any sort, it is a moveable business.  carry a fire source and you have a restaurant.

It is quite amazing to walk down a street in the evening and watch as large amounts of inventory disappears and is replaced by families eating supper, watching TV or playing games.  As the evening progresses the family moves deeper into the building and the shop floor becomes the parking area for safe storage of the “moto” overnight. 

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