We have had two very busy and amazing days.  The TWR Cambodia staff are so sweet and gracious and totally committed to the work they are doing.  Marie, who is the Women of Hope Co-ordinator here has done a wonderful job in planning to maximize our time here.  We met briefly with the entire team Tuesday morning after a hair raising trip through Phnom Penh’s morning rush hour.  The streets are packed with cars and trucks to begin with and then there are masses of motorcycle type vehicles ranging from single passengers to complete families of five, groups of students or workers.  When used as a delivery vehicle, it is just unbelievable the size of loads they carry.  Add a trailer and it becomes a conveyance for mass rapid transit, a moveable restaurant complete with cooking apparatus or a stall selling any type of goods you can think of, including gasoline in Pepsi bottles.  These motorbikes weave in and out at unbelieveable speeds, with very little margin of error and with little consideration of the direction of traffic flow.

We spent some time watching a team filming in the downstairs studio at the office and then headed out to meet with a local doctor who is the Clinical Director of a women’s health organization.  This morning we drove out to a small community near the city and met with a lovely group of believers who are regular listeners to the program.  I was so good to talk with them- through an interpreter of course- and to get a sense of what their needs are.  It was very clear that they have almost no basic knowledge or understanding of the things that affect their health and well being.

Phnom Penh reminds me so much of our experiences in Bangladesh and I immediately felt very comfortable and at home.