Pam is away in Cambodia, so I get to post to our weblog for this week. So what am I going to write about? School of course!


This is the first class I teach in the morning. I do feel sorry for them! There are a nice bunch, but they suffer all of my glitches in preparation. I don’t know if they notice, but I grimace each time I deliver something that could have stood a little more tuning before delivery.


This is my afternoon class, same subject, one period later. Now I have not only prepped but practised as well. My delivery is better timed and I am more relaxed as a consequence. Things are a lot smoother for them. That doesn’t mean my lessons are error free. However, this class will gently correct me if I stray!


This is my last class of the day, and by far the most interesting. By this point in their English development this kids can not only articulate, but debate and defend their arguments. We have been examining The American Dream through To Kill a Mockingbird and Death of a Salesman, and I have found it very rewarding. Their presentations (see the images in Flikr in the sidebar) were excellent.

It is a challenge keeping up with these kids and my days are long, but it has been a lot of fun. It is hard to imagine that the term is over in just twelve more days!