This past weekend marked the “Fasting Day of Celebration” or Hari Raya, the end of the month of Ramadan, during which it is mandatory for followers of the faith to fast from dawn to dusk.

It seems that every mall, parking lot and empty space is filled with temporary markets or bazaars where all sorts of food and traditional Malay delicacies are prepared and sold for “buka puasa”, the breaking of the fast.  Lights and decorations abound and it is a huge month for sales in the malls as people buy clothes, decorations, gifts and supplies for the celebrations.  Much like Christmas at home everyone heads “out station” or home to be with their families for the holidays.


We took advantage of the bazaars to sample a variety of new foods and experiences with our friends Sebastian and Simone.  It was great to have three of their kids, Eileen, Ivan and Isaac along as they were happy to finish up anything we didn’t find particularly appetizing.