Our early arrival here has been such a wonderful opportunity to settle in and do a bit of sight seeing before school starts.  We often found ourselves commenting on the fact that the other nine new Ontario teacher’s were not going to have this luxury.  Two young men, Les and Easton arrived last week and Mark and Erin arrived yesterday, all of them bright, energetic and fresh out of school.

Two more couples will arrive on the 3rd and a single guy on the 7th.  With orientation scheduled for the 5th and school starting on the 9th, it will be a real challenge for them to overcome jetlag, decide on a place to live,  get all the paperwork started and teach.

We didn’t get to meet any of them prior to coming due to our early arrival but did have email contact and were able to help some with their planning. We have had a great time meeting the newcomers at the airport and trying to help them quickly move through things that took us hours because we had no idea where to start.