We miss our friends at home and of course our kids. We also miss our colleagues (yes, you!) and the kids we have taught. We are grateful for those who remember us in their prayers and in their comments on our weblog. But we also rejoice in the new friends we have met in Malaysia, not only through Taylor’s College (more on them in a later post), but also through church.

We have much in common with Jack and Lalita, who have been very sweet to us since our arrival. They are about our age with two fine college age boys that are both involved in the worship team; one plays guitar and the other drums. (If you think that didn’t require some forebearance as parents keep in mind that there are no basements in Malaysia!)

We also share a love of Indian food and they have taken us to some really excellent places to eat where the ambience was charming and the food was outstanding. But Jack has this habit of grabbing the check – apparently this is some kind of national pastime – and not letting me pay. From what I have read you have to wait until the other guy is distracted or in the washroom, then you go up and pay before he can. Now I know this, I will be better prepared next time, Jack! Okay-lah?