Today we ventured outside of the city of KL for the first time and loved what we saw!  We caught a shuttle bus and travelled about an hour on switch back roads up to the Genting Highlands.  They are 1700 metres above sea level, on a mountain peak in the Titiwangsa Mountains.


The final leg of our trip was a 3.38 kilometre ride on the Genting Skyway, which is the fastest and longest cable car in Southeast Asia.  It ran high over multiple peaks, above thick rain forest, with the most beautiful vegetation.  You know you have had too much rain when the ferns are the size of trees. 


It was so quiet up there you could listen to the sound of the birds singing.  As we were ascending into the clouds we couldn’t even see our final destination.  It was awesome!


Our final destination was a massive resort with five huge hotels, Casino,  convention center, two theme parks, a diving simulation center and even “Snow World” where kids can go to experience snow.  We took a pass on that.


But, yes Steve did have to try the “Corkscrew,” and no, that is not enjoyment on his face, it is craven fear!