Honestly, we did not even pray for anything this beautiful and clean. We still can’t believe that we are moving in on Saturday. Our new condo is called the Boulevard and is just beside our hotel. We are on the third floor with a colonnade out to the swimming pool from our front door- and we still have a view of the Petronas Towers. We are the very first tenants so it is so clean and has some rare features for an Asian home, like a shower stall and a vanity top in the bathroom! (As opposed to taking a shower sitting on the toilet while balancing shampoo and soap on the thin edge of a sink)
We went to cell group last night and met some great people from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are looking forward to making some friends there. Our computer is going in today to be completely wiped so we are a little anxious that we may lose contact and who knows what else, so don’t worry if you hear nothing for a few days.