We are really settling into a routine and feeling quite comfortble with our neighbourhood; loving the food, the people, the culture and the climate. All this is bound to change somewhat when we leave the comfort of our five star hotel, but is a great way to start.
We have seem a number of potential housing options but nothing yet that seems to meet our needs and still be affordable.
Even in our little suburb of KL- Subang Jaya- we have access to everthing we could possibly need. In fact one of the malls, Subang Parade makes the Eaton’s Center look backwards. There is a Carrefour, which is basically, a three storey Walmart with an Asian flavour which is just great. Shopping is huge here, as this picture of the complex under the Petronas Towers would indicate.
Our IT issues continue to be our biggest struggle and probably won’t be solved until we get settled in a condo. We miss Skype immensely.