Well we are just about through our first full day and have accomplished a lot! We have explored the whole Subang Jaya suburb,on foot, met with the HR department to start the paperwork for visas, saw four condo apartments, found a little church near the school that apparently does their services in both Chinese and English that we plan on attending on Sunday, met a great real estate agent who happens to be a ballroom dancer and is taking us dancing tomorrow night, got cell phones for each of us, had our first meal at a hawker stall, even tried out one of the five pools at our hotel.
We both feel very comfortable here already and are looking forward to setting up our home here. Taylor’s College and everyone we have met through them have treated us incredibly well and we continue to be impressed by the level of excellence they provide in everything that they do.
We are constantly reminded of the things that we loved about Bangladesh that we so longed to return to -and we still love those things. We love the blend of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian cultures, the climate, the scenery and the outdoor lifestyle.