lindsay-beth-and-nicoleKaraoke is a national pastime in many of the countries of Asia. Not genetically wired to make a fool of myself in front of total strangers, so far I have been able to avoid it.  This is harder than you might think, as it is available in restaurants, bars, outdoor functions and in many homes. Our neighbours in our last apartment were addicted to it! There are also elaborate facilities dedicated entirely to karaoke. Liz’s friend Chonie would be in heaven.

I finally broke down and went with Steve to one of these places, only because it was a staff get-together and because it was a birthday celebration. The Red Box is one of two karaoke businesses at our local mall where you can rent a room for an hour, or two, or an entire evening.  Rooms vary in size from those that accomodate 2-4 people up to rooms that will accomodate 20-30.  Each room is lined with tables and leather couches, and comes fully equipped with four remote mics and a great variety of videos.

I hate to admit it but it was great fun. There was a fabulous hot buffet meal as well as a salad bar, sushi bar, and dessert bar that was available for grazing throughout the evening. Of course, if you put twenty very gifted teachers – many of whom can not only sing, but are genetically wired to perform – in a room with four microphones and a captive audience, you have entertainment.  And all this for only about $15 Canadian. Should I sign up for singing lessons?