July 2007


Today is the first official day of work!  The new staff are all here now and it has been fun greeting just a great team of teachers.   We all got together on Friday night to get to know each other and to have a bit of a “House Warming” for Mark and Erin who are setting up their first home together.  The three other couples all managed to get apartments in our building so we have quite a little neighbourhood here.

The team is an excellent mix of four new grads with lots of energy and new ideas;  three with a few years of experience and three very experienced and mature retirees.   They are all pretty anxious to see their schedules and to meet their students. Missing in the picture is Mark Meyers, who arrived from China on Saturday, and Easton who is just late for the party.


At last, we have a Work Permit and a Contract!  Today, we were finally able to open a bank account, which you can’t do without a work permit.  Our landlord will be delighted when we can finally quit paying our rent with wads of cash.   Can a pay cheque be far behind?

I guess the vacation really is over.

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